Area Architecture Co. Ltd

Area Architecture Co. Ltd has been established in 2005 by Deniz Doğan , as an architecture and interior design company working on concept designs and construction projects.

With a Professional team consists of architects, Area has a lot of experience (in many countries in the Middle East, Asia and Europe) mainly on tourism buildings( hotel, ski resort, golf club etc.), commercial buildings and factories. In addition, a structure that can adapt easily to new subjects of Projects. Our team provided coordination with different disciplines of the Project and has been part of large-scale and international projects.

Our aim is to provide the most efficient way of satisfaction visually, technically and in terms of work program and budget control for the investor and the contractor.

While all these services, our company adds an academic approach to architectural form and detailing solutions.


Deniz Doğan

Deniz Dogan, born in 1974, graduated in 1995 from the Bachelor of Architecture program in the Faculty of Architecture in Yildiz Technical University, and subsequently completed her Master of Architecture degree in the Department of Construction in 1997.

After 10 years of work experience gained in Linea Tusavul Architecture Co.Ltd., she has established Area and continues her architectural activities with her Professional team and also contunues to lead Project Studios as a lecturer at Building Components and Materials Science Department in Yildiz Tecnical University.

Special thanks to architect Mr. Erdal TUSAVUL for his support and assistance.